June 7, 2013

alphabiography (nerd edition)

A// My favorite Olympian female is [Artemis].

B// I know all my local [bookstore] cashiers by name.

C// I have a happy relationship with [coffee].

D// I love [Draco Malfoy], and I have no idea why.

E// The elvish translation of my name is [Erulassë].

F// I adore [Fan Expositions] and I go to my local comic-con every year now.

G// I love Sir [Gwaine] from BBC's Merlin.

H// I had a hard time deciding whether this was to be [Hiddleston] or [Hemsworth].

I// [Imagine Dragons] makes me happy.

J// I love [John Green] and all of Nerdfighteria.

K// My favorite Shakespeare play is [King Lear].

L// It's [Le-vi-O-sa], not [Le-vi-o-SA].

M// [Musicals] make me incredibly happy.

N// The Chronicles of [Narnia] was my childhood.

O// I love [owls].

P// I love the [Phantom] more than Raoul.

Q// Um.. [Quack].

R// I am a [Ravenclaw].

S// My favorite Star Trek character is indeed [Spock].

T// I [think] inside the box, because it's bigger on the inside.

U// My favorite of the Valar is [Ulmo].

V// My favorite character in the Heroes of Olympus is Leo [Valdez].

W// I [write] things, sporadically.

X// My favorite of the [X-Men] is Wolverine.

Y// I have an unhealthy obsession with [YouTubers].

Z// I love the Legend of [Zelda].


  1. This is so fun! Do you mind if I borrow the idea? :)


  2. THERE'S ONLY ONE LOTR THING. Otherwise I really like it. :)

    1. FYI, THERE IS TWO. Someone needs to read The Silmarillion. :> :>

  3. Draco.
    it was meant to be Hiddleston.
    Imagine Dragons.

    you sure we aren't....ya know...brain twins?

  4. Love this. Very muchly. Hiddleston and Imagine Dragons and Nerdfighteria and Narnia and Gwaine and it's bigger on the inside indeed.

  5. YES! Artemis, coffee, say Hiddleston or I will do that Loki-spear-thing on you, King Lear, musicals, Narnia, owls, Team Phantom, Leo Valdez!

    You have a great taste when it comes to these things.