September 25, 2014

i am not dead, and am in fact alive.

It's been a blur of people and colours and places and long nights and bright stars, and maybe angst.

I. New novel. Boxing and boys and blood and bloody boys and New York.

II. This ^ has killed my attempts at being Chesterton and Steinbeck, so I've been kind of leaning on pillars of solid and concrete voice; pillars of reality.

III. Mylon made me a cajon, which I guess makes me a drummer now. I love it. Percussion flows through my veins. I constantly feel the need to percuss.

IV. I'm going to take this opportunity to say Bucky Barnes. Bucky Barnes. Bucky Barnes. Bucky Barnes. 

V. I landed employment in mercenary childcare.

VI. I volunteered for employment in unpaid camp counseling. Got in trouble for napping during a swim time. I think the camp directors hated my guts but my cabin loved me.

VII. I read a book called Blue Like Jazz, and a book called Night, and they were both very important.

VIII. Mylon, who happens to be my brother, has a new blog and a new baby. The blog is currently accessible, but the baby will be arriving in January. 

IX. This thing called youth camp happened at another thing called Northland Bible Camp and I miss so many humans and wow.

X. There's going to be a new Pink Floyd album.

XI. Summer is sad and strange.

XII. Goodbye.