January 27, 2014

ten ways to describe colour to the blind

different flavours of light | the visible warm and chill of the world | how the eye tastes | the depths and shallows of sight | inaudible sounds made of brightness | immaterial texture | the breaking and changing of objects | a thousand individual deepenings or lessenings of darkness | the moods of a temperamental earth

January 3, 2014

december // a memory list


i. the day i noticed the general splendour of our chandelier

ii. the cat

iii. the day my skin was grey

iv. the window
v. the pale stars
vi. the mirror 
vii. the christmas lights and the night that i saw the hobbit: the desolation of smaug

in retrospect, december was made of coffee and film tickets and cracking skin and raw lungs from laughing northern winter air, and brick alleyways with white floors and memories of november, and the symphony orchestra performance, and the absence of pavement and the brightening of skies and the long walks through snowmobile trails, and regret, and the acquiring of sweaters and the remembrance of Jesus and the gathering of souls, and windows stained with ice.