in titles: infp, ravenclaw, introvert, realist, canadian, boxer, follower of Christ
   I ' M   A B I G A I L   V I K T O R I A.

i'm quite young.
i believe in a very raw reality,
and dragons, and white letters on blank pages.

i breathe ink and paper, snow and bright light and 
words, and very strange and wayward kinds
of beauty.

i am a protestant christian.

i think that cats understand my soul. i think that
books are very important. i love history, and am
altogether too emotionally invested in it.

i like simplicity, and i like angry complexity. i like reality.
i think Jesus is the most beautiful story there is...
i draw sometimes, i write sometimes, and i sleep quite a lot.

i think i am inside a very shallow breath before a very deep plunge.