June 7, 2013

alphabiography (nerd edition)

A// My favorite Olympian female is [Artemis].

B// I know all my local [bookstore] cashiers by name.

C// I have a happy relationship with [coffee].

D// I love [Draco Malfoy], and I have no idea why.

E// The elvish translation of my name is [Erulassë].

F// I adore [Fan Expositions] and I go to my local comic-con every year now.

G// I love Sir [Gwaine] from BBC's Merlin.

H// I had a hard time deciding whether this was to be [Hiddleston] or [Hemsworth].

I// [Imagine Dragons] makes me happy.

J// I love [John Green] and all of Nerdfighteria.

K// My favorite Shakespeare play is [King Lear].

L// It's [Le-vi-O-sa], not [Le-vi-o-SA].

M// [Musicals] make me incredibly happy.

N// The Chronicles of [Narnia] was my childhood.

O// I love [owls].

P// I love the [Phantom] more than Raoul.

Q// Um.. [Quack].

R// I am a [Ravenclaw].

S// My favorite Star Trek character is indeed [Spock].

T// I [think] inside the box, because it's bigger on the inside.

U// My favorite of the Valar is [Ulmo].

V// My favorite character in the Heroes of Olympus is Leo [Valdez].

W// I [write] things, sporadically.

X// My favorite of the [X-Men] is Wolverine.

Y// I have an unhealthy obsession with [YouTubers].

Z// I love the Legend of [Zelda].