May 22, 2013

five splendid fictional villains

5| Scar from The Lion King.
"Life's not fair, isn't it? You see, I, on my end, will never be king, and you... Shall never see the light of another day."

Scar is on this list because he killed Mufasa, which completely mortified me as a child, and I will never forgive him. He's also voiced by Jeremy Irons, is oddly attractive in a lion-y sort of way, and can sing a pretty beast villain song.

4| Jadis the White Witch from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.
"Understand the you have given me Narnia forever, you have lost your own life and have not saved his. In that knowledge, despair and die."

Jadis is the witch who enslaves the land of Narnia in one-hundred years of winter. She's not complex, in fact she's purely evil, and has no ulterior motives to her madness other than being completely evil. However, she drives a polar bear chariot and temporarily succeeds in slaying her nemesis, which makes her a pretty hard-core villainess. 

3| Captain Hook from Peter Pan (2003)
 Jason Isaacs, (whom you may also know as Lucius Malfoy,) from the 2003 version of Peter Pan, (AKA my childhood,) has always been my favorite Captain Hook. In case you missed it, he is a pirate. He wears a hook, a goatee, guyliner, and a bloody attractive hat. He is also mildly complex, which makes him considerably more intriguing.

2| James Moriarty from the many novels & adaptions of Sherlock Holmes.
"Every fairytale needs a good old-fashioned villain. You need me or you're nothing. Because we're just alike, you and I. Except you're on the side of the angels."

James Moriarty, the good old-fashioned villain. He's the archenemy of Sherlock Holmes and one of his only intellectual equals.  He's utterly insane, which makes him an extremely enthralling villain. And honey, you should see him in a crown.

1| Loki from Thor and The Avengers.
"I am Loki, of Asgard, and I am burdened with glorious purpose." 
There is nothing better than an emotionally complex villain. Especially an attractive one.
Loki, the god of mischief and Tumblr, is the adopted prince of Asgard and the main antagonist of his brother, Thor, and S.H.I.E.L.D. In addition to being ridiculously pretty, Loki is my favorite villain because of the heart-wrenching conflict with Thor and the emotional dynamics he adds to his story.

May 9, 2013

Reasons why me and Abby's friendship is super cool. (guest post)

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The awesome Abby asked me to post a guest list this week. But since Monday I've been incredibly engrossed in the Heroes of Olympus books. She texted me today and asked if I was still gonna do it. I replied with, "OHMYGOSH YES I'LL GET ON THAT WOW". Good books have a way of making me forget everything else.

1. We talk about Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus a lot. It's fantastic. Last month, for about a week, we didn't text about anything else. That was the best.

2. We argue over which one of us should be Leo Valdez's girlfriend in Abby's fanfiction. (We kind of decided to leave it, because we couldn't make a decision.)

3. We text every day. Which is super fun. Every morning I wait to hear the familiar "ding-ding" of her text tone. Or sometimes I text first. Whatever.

3. We both adore Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit. We went to see The Hobbit together... in costume. And we talked about it for the next two weeks. We do still text about it often enough, but lately Percy Jackson has been more of a trending topic.

4. She was one of the people who got me to read the Percy Jackson books. So... there's that.

5. We had known each other vaguely for a few years, but it wasn't until last year at summer camp that we actually became friends. I'm not sure how it really happened, but last fall we started texting. All. the. time. When I think about it, we've only seen each other in person, like, 3 times since summer camp. But we ARE planning a get-together this summer, with lots of movie marathons.

6. We compare lists with eachother. So, I'll text, "List the Heroes of Olympus from least favorite to most favorite." Our top three were exactly the same: "3. Annabeth Chase. 2. Percy Jackson. 1. Leo Valdez." Or we'll list our favorite Disney movies, or LOTR couples, or, well, I can't think of the others right now. But it's fun.

7. We love the same things... but disagree about 70% of them. She loves Boromir. I dislike him. Her favorite book in The Chronicles of Narnia is The Last Battle, while it's my least favorite. She runs with her brother. I will never, ever, EVER be a runner. So, we've had some pretty good arguments.

8. Once we were trying to describe Pan's voice(in Battle of the Labyrinth by Rick Riordan), and she said she always thought of Liam Neeson's voice. I was typing in "maybe not so rich and deep", and at the exact moment that I sent it, she sent, "Except maybe even more full & rich." We had a good laugh over that one.

9. She has a really great sense of humor. And she's adorable.

10. She accepts me when I'm in an aggressive/strange/annoying mood. Seriously. One day I was feeling snarky and sarcastic and like I wanted to bite people (figuratively), so we just texted all morning and she made me laugh a lot. She's cool like that.

Abby... you're really awesome. And I like you a lot. <3

May 5, 2013

10 Writers Made Entirely of Awesome

In no particular order.
These are people who write books or blogs or other things with words, who probably are quite good at writing things with words, who use words a lot and happen to use them well.

"... a person who instead of being made out of like, bones and skin and tissue, is made entirely of awesome."
-John Green

TEN// Speaking of John Green, I would like to express my deep appreciation for his awesomeness.
I have honestly never read any of his books and may not in the future, but I am a devoted Nerdfighter of his YouTube channel, where he is kind of awesome.
And also his brother, Hank. Hank Green is awesome too.

NINE// Ashley Tahg.
Ashley blogs, and also writes stories, and I must say that she is extremely good at both.
Her stories excite me greatly even though I haven't read past the prologues she has published.

EIGHT// Rick Riordan. Uncle Rick (as he is affectionately named by his fanbase) writes books.
#1 New York Times Bestselling books, in fact.
Some of his works include The Kane Chronicles, the Percy Jackson series, and the Heroes of Olympus series, the latter two of which I have an unhealthy obsession for.
One factor that largely contributes to his awesomeness is his relationship with his fans (see Uncle Rick), and also how he writes books about Greek mythology.
Because Greek mythology is beast.

SEVEN// Mark Twain (or Samuel Clemens if you must.)
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
and The Prince and the Pauper.
This man was like the John Green of the mid-1800s.

SIX// Mark Gatiss, the famed BBC screenplay-er who wrote some of my favorite Sherlock & Doctor Who episodes. As a child, he wrote a short story entitled A Day At The Beach which involved a decapitation.
He's also Mycroft Holmes.

FIVE// Clive Staples Lewis, being the creator of Narnia & Perelandra and mastermind behind The Screwtape Letters. 
His ideal happiness was, “to be always convalescent from some small illness and always seated in a window that overlooked the sea, there to read these poems (Renaissance Italian epic) eight hours  of each happy day.” 
 He also regularly had dreams about lions. So, there's that.

FOUR// Nessima Tavariel.
Your blog is my favorite to read. The atmosphere makes me so incredibly happy, as if you and I are united in a giant fuzzy sweater of geekery.
My dear, you are one of those best people that Alice's father told her about.
You write a lot of words, which makes yours the kind of blog I want to read while sipping Earl Gray tea wrapped up in a fuzzy oversized cardigan.

THREE// Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
This man believed in faeries, and also wrote stories about a detective named Sherlock Holmes.

TWO// John Ronald Reuel Tolkien.
'Nuff said.

ONE// Lemony Snicket has a very special way with words. 
His childhood hobbies were, "taxidermy and playing the harpsichord." 

May 3, 2013