December 29, 2013

the inevitable bucket list

i. write things.

ii. screw all literary norms.

iii. inhale ink; exhale vividry; circulate substantial quantities of hope.

iv. fall off a cliff, preferably a metaphorical cliff.

v. pierce minds with music, in a good way.

vi. the Venetian riviera.

vii. Don Giovanni.

viii. the cathedrals of Prague; the snows of St. Petersburg.

ix. the salted streets and stained windows of New Orleans.

x. write on anarchy of perfection; write on reality; write on everything the world is scared to hear and everything that no ones wants to read.

xi. Les Misérables.

xii. hug Tom Hiddleston, tell him that I think he is what all humans ought to be.

xiii. chart stars.

xiv. keep a terrifying library. 

xv. cause some sort of profound inspiration; make other people happy.

xvi. Iceland.

xvii. own multiples cats named after raw twentieth century novelists.

xviii. find someone who reads the layers of reality the same way that I do.

xix. explore myself as a decidedly strange individual; drink words and music and forge art.

xx. leave.

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