November 17, 2013

wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings

Or, The Very Best Under-rated, Under-appreciated, Forgotten, Unconventional, and/or Wayward Thinks I Could Think

i. blueberry lemonade.  It's more famous cousins, raspberry and strawberry, are but mere mortals in comparison to this piece of perfection.  

ii. words like: ebullience (n. bubbly; boiling over; enthusiastic); cynosure (n. point of focus; guiding star); quiddity (n. the essence of something; a peculiarity); apricity (n. the warmth of the sun in winter); snout-fair (adj. handsome, good looking; pertaining to Tom Hiddleston); nefilibata (n. cloud-walking; day dreaming); splendiferous (adj. splendid); delectation (n. pleasure, enjoyment); penumbra (n. half-shadow); mellifluous (adj. sweet-sounding); filipendulous (adj. hanging by a thread); wanweird (n. an unhappy fate); verisimilitude (n. having the appearance of truth).

iii. frozen grapes.  For reasons I have yet to understand, grapes taste 89.7% (I've done the math, guys) better when frozen.  

iv. the first few notes of your favourite song.  

v. the thesaurus.  Sadly, not a dinosaur.  More like a dictionary.  But spicier.

vi. how to steal a million.  Audrey Hepburn shoots Peter O'Toole in the arm and then they steal art.  Comic genius.  


vii. letters from father christmas by j.r.r. tolkien.  Following the escapades of Father Christmas and his argumentative henchman, the North Polar Bear.  Also broken north poles, soggy biscuits, and evil Christmas goblins.  Read it.  Unless you're very boring or very grown up.  Which you should fix immediately.

viii. that feeling you get from standing at the edge of your fear, then forcing yourself to leap, not knowing if you're going to succeed or go splat.  Although, if your fear is of heights, particularly of cliffs or buildings, I do not advise you to literally leap.

>> {yosemite}

ix. smelling a scent or hearing a song that will be forever linked with a happy memory.  

x. actually being able to say something when there's something that needs saying.

xi. the ache in your belly when you've laughed too hard.

xii. the realization that, when you've done something that you thought you couldn't do, that maybe you could do something else you thought you couldn't.

xiii. baby sloths.  Or any sloths really.  I'm a fan.


Nessima Tavariel.  Or Nessie, like 
the Loch Ness Monster.  
Half way past half mad.  Rude and not ginger.
She most certainly is Spartacus.  Loves nothing
more than to hide away in stories and 
sketchbooks and behind the lens of a camera.  
Also has an exceptional fondness for Lord of the Rings, 
Doctor Who, big and obsolete words, 
sloths, and the colour blue.

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  1. oh so this is the lovely Nessi that Abby never shhs about.

    i see why.

    i think i shall follow her as she has a lovely mind.
    (and list)