August 17, 2013

autumn things

autumn, or at least autumn weather, comes early in northern Ontario.
this is a list of happy things from the season preceding my favorite season, and all its glories.
i. neverending cups of Earl Grey tea

ii. fuzzy sweaters & slouchy toques & combat boots

iii. the plunge into grade nine // my Latin course {I'm such an intellectual}

iv. rain // cold weather // grey skies

v. waiting for Thor: The Dark World

vi. library trips

vii. watching endless Korean dramas // commentaries with Ashley

viii. writing short stories

ix. planning a LOTR Halloween cosplay costume

x. winter is coming


  1. earl grey tea.
    thor the dark world.
    lord of the rings cosplay.

    this post made me smile.

  2. also.
    I'm so jealous that you get Fall/Winter early.
    we don't start getting chilly weather until after Thanksgiving.